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About Us

Welcome to our website, my name is Wes Geib and we are the new owners of the Mosquito Masters of Northwest Indiana. My wife, Courtney and I started Mosquito Masters of Greater Lafayette in 2019 and are excited to be expanding.  Starting in 2021 we will be taking over the Northwest Indiana region as well. Shawon and Whitney have done a fantastic job with providing a great service to the area. We hope to continue providing the same great service with our certified team. Let us help take your yard back!

We’ve all been in a situation where you want to be outside enjoying the weather, but the bugs are so bad that you can’t enjoy it.  Not any more!  Our EPA registered barrier spray is a safe and effective treatment that kills mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other annoying pests, but is perfectly safe for pets and people.

Some family of ours and former Rensselaer residents started The Mosquito Masters franchise business several years ago in Atlanta, GA.  Their established branding and experience has given us the ability to provide you with a personalized, dependable service that will allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors without threat of mosquitoes and other annoying pests.

Like a lot of people, we enjoy summer nights watching our kids play on the swing set, trampoline, or grilling out as a family.  Like so many other people we have experienced the frustration of welting mosquito bites on our children, or just not going outside due to the swarming pests. The ability to host guests, or have a fire for the kids was gone. We decided that we wanted to take our yard back, own our family time, and not let mosquitoes dictate the amount of time that we spend outside.

We are offering an affordable service that will allow you to take back your yard, increase family time, and eliminate the worries and annoyances that come with the persistent and sometimes dangerous mosquitoes.  Our focus is providing a quality product, excellent customer service and doing those things at a very affordable rate.

Our Product

Our product is EPA registered and for our traditional barrier spray we use Pyrethroids, which is a synthetic version of Pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are derived from the African Daisy (Chrysanthemums). The spray is safe for kids and pets. These ingredients do not pose any risk to humans or the environment.

An extra bonus when we spray your property, we can also rid your yard of existing ticks and fleas…so we can provide comfort not only to you and your family but also to your furry friends as well!